Dataset Submission Guidelines

dataset example

Your Excel-CSV dataset must be a single table in "tidy" form, where each variable forms a column and each observation forms a row. The maximum file size is 200MB. Click here to download an example dataset.

Required Columns

The dataset must include:

  • Any number of dimension columns (e.g., channel, product, category, customer, country, promo/no promo, visited/not visited,...).
  • A metric column for revenues or costs, named "Amount" or "Sales," in plain number format (no thousands separators or currency signs).
  • A "Date" column in YYYY-MM-DD format or a "Period" column (e.g. 2023 vs 2022)

Other Columns

The dataset can also include:

  • "Units" column: measures the number of items/packs of product sold (in plain number format).
  • "Volume" column: measures the volume (kilos, liters, etc.) of product sold (in plain number format).
  • "Discount" column: contains the discount in absolute value (not in %) and in positive sign.
  • "COGS column": contains the cost of goods sold (COGS) in absolute value (not in %) and in positive sign.
  • A "Scenario" column can be added for comparing Plan with Actual.

A Price column is not required, as the app will re-calculate the unit or volume price and ignore any Price columns if present.

Driver Columns

Driver columns contain metrics that have a linear relationship with the cost/revenue column and help explain changes in sales. Examples include Visits, Bookings, and Distribution. These metrics must be in value (not in %) and can include:

  • Category weighted distribution: measures the weighted number of outlets where a product is available for sales.
  • Checkouts: measures the number of purchase decisions (tickets, bookings, checked out shopping carts, etc.).
  • Visits: measures the number of customer interactions (shop/website visits, traffic, inquiries, leads, etc.).

Encoding and formatting

CSV files must be in UTF-8 encoding.

Metric columns must be in plain number format, with no thousand separators, no currency signs, zero written as "0" and not as "-", and a leading minus sign for negative numbers (e.g. -20)

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