Sales dataset to PPT report in 1/10th of the time.

What we do 😉

We make it 10x less time consuming for consulting firms and PE funds to generate insightful sales reports:
  • You are a consulting firm, you sell commercial due diligence projects: the app helps you understand the target's business one hour into the project.
  • You are a fund, you monitor your portfolio companies: the app helps you generate high quality sales analysis in a tenth of the time.
  • You are a fund, you buy commercial due diligence projects: the app helps you run quick due diligence analyses to screen out low-potential targets.

How we do it

We help you kickstart your sales analysis project in a fraction of the time:
  • The app does not magically identify all the most insightful plots.
  • Rather, in an hour or so, it gets you a set of 50-60 plots that - whether individually insightful or not - are collectively sufficient for you to understand the situation.
  • Then it helps you refine the analysis at 10x the speed of Excel by automatically generating a PPT report you can edit and improve.


Covers chart selection, number crunching & graphical rendering of results.


Session data never saved on disk & discarded from RAM at session end.


PPT-ready charts in seconds. Reports in minutes.



IBCS-inspired charts: easy to understand & dense of information.


Load a CSV/Excel dataset. Get chart list from GPT4. Plot charts or modify suggestions.


Built-in variance analysis, root cause analysis, Pareto analysis, intersection analysis, cohort, like-for-like analysis.


Implement multi-dimensional Planning and Forecasting quickly and intuitively - Entreprise Performance Management for SMEs.


You can test the app on our 70 test datasets, but you will need an activation key to upload your CSV/Excel sales dataset. The price of the activation key is 5.000CHF per Firm (legal entity) per year. We offer a free activation key valid for a calendar month.

Alternatively, we can produce a ~30-page/60-chart sales report from your dataset. All data is kept strictly confidential and destroyed after use. 'Automatic' reports (~2 hours of human intervention) cost 1.000CHF. 'Ad hoc' reports (~2 days of human intervention) cost 3.000CHF. Payment is only required if you are fully satisfied with the result.

For enquiries, drop me a mail at fabio.annovazzi at Prices exclude applicable VAT.


We do not, and never will, release any information about our customers.


We take no responsibility, implied or otherwise, on the correctness of the results, or on their use thereof. Please report bugs here. Check our Cloud Service Agreement and our Data Processing Agreement.

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