Understand what changed in your business.

A no-bs bi Swiss Army knife

'Mparanza means all at once in Neapolitan. It refers to fishing boats that, to catch more fish 🐟 🐟 🐟, advance in unison 🚣 🚣 🚣 towing large trawl nets.

'Mparanza lets the top facts that have changed in your business emerge from your data. Like fish in a net. It does this by using variable dimension variance analysis.

⏩ Fast

The beauty of variable dimension variance analysis is that it gives insight into the reasons for the differences... and points towards causality. Now it is fast and error-free.
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🔀 Versatile

Compare actuals to plan or this year to last year. Understand what is going on in a market. See what impacted on revenues and what impacted on margins.
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🔤 Simple

Upload a "tidy" dataset with an amount column, a date column and a few dimension columns. Call the amount column "Amount" and the date column "Date". Submit.
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🔽 Focused

See the most relevant facts emerge seamlessly from your dataset. Distill the signal among the noise.
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