Smart sales analysis


Your data is never saved on disk and is completely discarded from RAM once you close your session.


Plot a chart in seconds. The app takes care of titles, legends, filtering labels, axes, colors, font size,...


Upload your tidy flat file, the app maps the columns automagically. Hit submit. Get chart.


Our charts, aligned to IBCS best practices, are easy to understand and dense of information.


Choose what you want to see and from what angle you want to see it.


Data storytelling without reinventing the wheel on Excel.


Variable & fix-dimension variance analysis, Pareto analysis by item & with items aggregated by category, correspondence analysis, cohort & like for like analysis in seconds.


Implement multi-dimensional Planning and monthly Forecasting quickly and intuitively - Enterprise Performance Management for SMEs.


Until further notice the app is free to use (as in 🆓🍺) with the 3143 activation key🗝️ 😊😊😊.

To upload your datasets, purchase an activation token.

The token costs 5'000 CHF per year per company for an unlimited number of users. Special rates for SMEs and independent consultants. For more info, drop me a mail at fabio.annovazzi at


We take no responsibility, implied or otherwise, on the correctness of the results, or on their use thereof. Please report bugs here.

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