One-click, no-code, sales and margins analysis.

Faster and more insightful.

Faster than Excel - generates any of 25 different kinds of plots (marimekko, venn, pareto, barmekko, slope, dot, timeline, upset, scatter, distribution, waterfall,...) at the speed of thought.

More insightful than Tableau/PowerBI - offers analyses (variance analysis, ABC analysis, commonality analysis,..) hard to integrate in a sales dashboard.

Self service. For real.

Spend your time on data interpretation, not on number crunching.

Explore data unconstrained by the choice of visuals baked into your sales dashboard.

Let nothing escape you.

Forget 20-filter dashboards and endness slice and dice.

Using variable dimension variance analysis, 'Mparanza automatically identifies the sets of factors that best explain the change in sales or margins.

Drill down on anything.

Split a result into its components and plot each separately. Understand why things happened.

See change from all angles.

Instantly generate a set of consistent, fully reconciled, views of the business that help explain the change.

Ebitda bridge in minutes.

Understand what is driving the change in EBITDA, both in $ and in % of revenues.

Load data instantly.

Upload a standard "flat" file, no need for parameterization. The app will map the columns automatically. Hit submit. Get charts.

Easy to use.

The app is automatically set on default parameters. You can generate visuals by simply hitting submit.

Based on the context and on the data, the app shows the applicable choices.

To avoid clutter, secondary options are hidden under expanders.

Easy to understand.

The plots conform to best practices that aim to make charts efficient, that is easy understand and dense on information.


We do not capture any data in any way. Any content entered by a user into the app, including uploaded files, is only ever stored on RAM. Uploaded files are never saved on disk and are fully discarded from RAM after being processed and/or when you close your session. We secure our servers by implementing hardening best practices.


We offer the Enterprise version of the app through the Streamlit for Teams hosting service. With Streamlit for Teams you can securely connect your 'Mparanza instance to your databases (MySQL, PosgtreSQL,...) and applications (Tableau, Google Sheet, PowerBi,...) using Streamlit's secrets management.

Streamlit for Teams allows you to restict access and authenticate viewers with OAuth or Single Sign-On.

Streamlit for Teams was developed by a team of ex-Google engineers who have woven security through every layer of the service. It is based on Google's BeyondCorp implementation of the zero trust enterprise security model.

For more details, message us using the widget below .

Intrigued, but no time to invest on this?

You want improve the insightfullness and efficiency of your sales analysis pipeline. 'Mparanza looks interesting, but you do not have the time to try the tool.

Hire us to do the work for you at a fraction of the cost!

Send us a 'tidy' csv file and, within 2 business days, we will send you back an insightful presentation that will go well beyond your expectations.

Contact us with the widget below for tarifs and further info. Nothing will be charged if you are not fully satisfied.


We do not collect user statistics of any kind: no cookies, no Google Analytics, no trackers, no nothing.

We use services to render our python application. Cookie banners are required in the EU when a website uses cookies for analytics/performance or tracking/marketing. Streamlit services do not use such cookies, which is why we do not have a cookie banner.


The application is offered for free and as is.

We take no responsibility, implied or otherwise, on the correctness of the results, or on their use thereof.

If the application does not behave properly or you need assistance, please message us using the widget below or report a bug here.

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