No code business intelligence.

Fast & insightful.

Fast - generates any of thirty plus plots in seconds. Insightful - offers ABC analysis, commonality analysis, fix and variable dimension variance analysis out of the box.

Answers at the speed of thought.

Spend your time on data interpretation, not on number crunching. Explore your data unconstrained by the choice of visuals baked into your sales dashboard.

Instant data load.

Upload a 'tidy' flat file, no need for parameterization. The app maps the columns automatically. Hit submit. Get chart.

Gorgeous charts.

Choose a chart. Modify its default parameters. Hit submit. Get chart.


Chart format is based on the IBCS standard. As a result, our charts are both easier to understand and more dense in information.


Forget endlessly slicing and dicing 20-filter dashboards. Using variable dimension variance analysis, 'Mparanza helps you identify what drives change.


We do not capture any data in any way. We do not collect user statistics of any kind: no cookies, no Google Analytics, no trackers, no nothing. Any content entered by a user into the app, including uploaded files, is only ever stored on RAM. Uploaded files are never saved on disk and are fully discarded from RAM when you close your session. We secure our servers by implementing hardening best practices.


The app is free to use on a set of sample datasets. To upload your dataset, you need to purchase an activation token. The token costs 5'000 CHF excluding applicable VAT per year and per legal entity. For more info, drop us a mail at fabio.annovazzi at


We take no responsibility, implied or otherwise, on the correctness of the results, or on their use thereof. Please report bugs here.

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