We do not store any kind of user data in any way. Your uploaded file is never stored or saved on disk and is fully discarded from RAM after being processed and/or when you close your session. We secure our servers by implementing hardening best practices.

We offer the Enterprise version of the app through the Streamlit for Teams hosting service. Streamlit for Teams was developed by a team of ex-Google engineers who have woven security through every layer of the service. It is based on Google's BeyondCorp implementation of the zero trust enterprise security model.

With Streamlit for Teams you can securely connect your 'Mparanza instance to your databases (MySQL, PosgtreSQL,...) and applications (Tableau, Google Sheet, PowerBi,...) using Streamlit's secrets management.

For the duration of the Open Beta, your very own 'Mparanza Streamlit for Teams instance is priced at cost - 75 dollars per month. This includes 1000 user sessions per month.

For more details, message us using the widget below .


We do not collect user statistics of any kind: no cookies, no Google Analytics, no trackers, no nothing.

We use services to render our python application. Cookie banners are required in the EU when a website uses cookies for analytics/performance or tracking/marketing. Streamlit services do not use such cookies, which is why we do not have a cookie banner.


The application is offered for free and as is.

We take no responsibility, implied or otherwise, on the correctness of the results, or on their use thereof.

If the application does not behave properly or you need assistance, please message us using the widget below or report a bug here.