'Mparanza is a free, open beta, tool, that allows you to analyze a dataset to identify the factors that explain the change in revenues, costs, or margins between two periods.

You need an Excel or a csv file in tidy, "long", format ("tidy" means that you should not have one column for each date, the dates should be "on top" of each other). If you prefer, you can play with one of our test datasets.

Your file should have a few "dimension" columns (customer, country, channel), a date and an amount column. The date column should be called "date" (if it is a "period" column, aka it does not have a date format, it should be called "period"). The amount column should be called "amount".

If you have a "units" column, call it "units", and the tool will also calculate the "price" and the "mix" variance.

Still with us? Upload the file and run your first analysis! Under each command in the "open beta" page you will find a ➕. Click on it to find a short explanation and more options.

The documentation is broken into three sections that will help you get the most out of 'Mparanza:

  • Quick start: to get quickly started with the app

  • Use cases: provides insights and examples that answer the "why use 'Mparanza?" question

  • Docs: gives you a detailed explanation of the different functions of the tool