'Mparanza is a smart sales analysis tool for sales & cost data analytics.

It lets you concentrate on what you do best - analysis and data interpretation. Leave the plotting to us.

At its core, a few obsessions gathered over a lifetime:

  • Sales & cost analysis is a relevant enough subset of data analytics to merit a dedicated tool.
  • Sales & cost analysis can be gainly performed on simple flat tidy dataset.
  • Sales & cost analysis is not a form of art. It is possible to define a finite set of best practice analytical approaches (which charts to use, which analysis to run,...)
  • Charting is not a form of art. It is possible to identify best practices (ref. IBCS standard) for how charts are supposed to look.
  • Thou shalt not save your customer's data or track her session in any way.

Put these ideas together and you end up with a tool that makes sales & cost analysis a lot faster and more insightful.

Our idea of smart plotting:

  • Automatic dataset loading. Just upload your tidy flat file, the app will map the columns automatically.


  • Secure. Your data is never saved on disk and is completely discarded from RAM once you close your session.


  • No number crunching. Answer to unforeseen questions without reinventing the wheel on Excel.


  • Flexible. Choose what you want to see and from what angle you want to see it.


  • Lightning-fast. A chart takes seconds to plot. The app takes care of titles, legends, filtering labels, axes, colors, font size,...


  • Beautiful & easy to grasp plots . Thanks to IBCS, our charts are easy to understand and support a high density of information.


  • Powerful . Pareto ABC analysis, fix and variable dimension variance analysis, correspondence analysis, plan dataset build up at your fingertips.


  • Go to the Get started page.
  • Choose a test dataset in the Choose a test 📁 dataset widget.
  • Hit the 🚀Submit button in the Plot 📊 Charts panel.
  • Use the 📊 Plot type widget to change plot type.
  • To change the chart parameters open the ➕ Plot 📊 options expander.