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Submit button

You need to click on the submit button below to actually run the report.


Report Logic

The report shows the dimension columns, the variance of each row, and, on hover, the cumulative sum of the variance.

Please note that the value of each row is net of the values of the rows above it.

For instance the first row of the example above has (hair color) in the color column and nothing in the other columns (see table below the chart).

This means that the values of all subsequent rows are net of black product sales. The variance of black product sales is fully explained in the first row.


You can download both chart and table images by clicking on the camera icon.

You can download the table in excel by clicking on the ➕ symbol on the right above the chart. If you prefer to work in excel you can download an example of a vertical waterfall chart from this link (right click => "open link in new tab", go to new tab, right click => "save as").