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Variable dimension bridge analysis returns many result combinations, which are all algoritmically correct, but might be more or less insightful, and therefore usefull to you.

To increase the probability of surfacing the more insightful scenarios 'Mparanza uses euristics: it offers a certain number of "scenarios". Each "scenario" is a set parameter settings, designed to maximize the probability that the result will have certain characteristics.

The default scenario is the "choose the largest combinations" scenario that essentially returns the combinations in order of variance size.


In default mode, given the choice of a scenario, the app will select the top ranked combination as the top result, net the value of that combination from all remaining combinations, and run the loop again, to return the second result, and so on.

Without changing parameters, you can, for instance ask the app, to skip the first result, and select the second top ranked combination as the top result. This will result in a different set of results, without changing parameters.



The app has four "standard" parameter setting "scenarios" that might returns four different sets of results.

The available parameter settings are:

  • Choose largest combination - returns a set of combinations chosen based on their variance absolute value, with no or little adjustment for other elements such as % of increase, number of nodes, unique number of elements.

  • Limit first result size - limits the maximum size of the top result.

  • Choose combinations with more nodes - privileges combinations with higher number of nodes

  • Choose higher growth combinations - privileges combinations with higher rate of positive or negative revenue growth.


Once you have chosen a scenario you can fine tune it, by modifying the single parameters.