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Pareto stacked column

A Pareto stacked bar chart is a type of chart that shows the pareto ABC classes with a horizontal stacked bar. The chart is named for the Pareto principle, and its purpose is to highlight the most important among a set of factors comparing this along different metrics.


The plot is run twice, once for each period.

The bars are color coded by A,B,C class (A=up to 80%, B= 80 to 95%, C=95 to 100%, Loss= negative values).

Alternatively you can calculate the ABC class by one dimension and use another dimension as a "counter".



You can plot calculated metrics on the data column at left. The drop down menu will show the calculated metrics that are compatible with the metrics you have chosen to plot with the "choose metrics to plot" widget. For instance average price will not be shown unless you have chosen to plot both Amount and Units.

The chart will plot with the calculated metrics in the data column on the right. You can move the values around with the mouse and annotate them with lines and shapes.


Negative margin values are plotted as negative values below the zero y axis if the margin metric is not the ranking metric.