No code BI

No-code business intelligence means that you - the end user - do not need to code or write Excel macros in order to perform a given analysis.

Hey, but I already have self service BI!

Tableau and Power BI dashboards let me filter and visualize data as I please, unconstrained by the limits of older generation reports!

So why do you continue to use Excel?

Because dashboards are unable to answer all questions, especially the new questions that nobody asked before. Problem is that you, the user, might be interested in seeing different things in different circumstances, and today might need a view - a chart - that is different from the one that, last quarter, served you perfectly well for the "same" analysis.

With no code BI you - the end user - can answer to that new business question that popped up this morning. You do not need to be an Excel master. You do not have to worry about bugs in your formulas. You do not have to worry that the chart you need is missing from the dashboard.

'Mparanza works for sales and costs analysis. It requires a dataset in a flat 'tidy' format, probably the format of the dataset you already use for your sales analysis.