You have to undergo a delicate operation. You have to choose among two doctors. Both are equally successful and reknown. One looks straight from Hollywood. The other looks like a butcher. Which one do you choose?

You choose the butcher (ref Nassim Nicholas Taleb) : to achieve success, he had to overcome negative bias.

‘Mparanza is my no code smart plotting business intelligence app. Its has weird name: difficult to market, does not convey much confidence.

I keep it.

For some relatively important use cases, ‘Mparanza beats both excel and powerbi.

I want 'Mparanza to be the doctor that looks like a butcher. I want people to try it out and adopt it in spite of the fact that it does not look the part.

Below an image from the future.

BTW. ‘Mparanza is a Neapolitan words that means “all together” and refers to fishing boats working together to capture more insights, sorry, fish 🐟.