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The marimekko plot is used to visualise categorical data over a pair of variables and still seeing the absolute numbers of the elements as a kind of weighting. It is inspired by the marimekko IBCS template.


The plot is run also as small multiples. Just choose the dimension to plot as small multiples.

Open the expander under the ­čôŐ Plot type drop down menu by clicking on the Ô׼ sign.

You can choose the dimensions you want to plot on the vertical and horizontal axes, and which metric to plot.

The top items in terms of total value are plotted the vertical axis, while the other items are aggregated together. The items summed together are plotted in light grey color.

You can choose to have the value labels plotted in their absolute value as percent of the grand total or as % of the row total of each item or as % of the total of each vertical category.


Negative values on the Y axis will be plotted but label position might need manual adjusting.

Since negative values on the X axis cannot be plotted in a mekko plot, the negative values will be dropped and an error message will be shown.