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The app does not use external color legends. IBCS recommends that this information be displayed within the chart .

"Integrated" legends (or labels, whichever you want to call them) are displayed to the left of the chart (example stacked column chart and marimekko charts) , on top of the chart (example stacked bar charts) or top and at the bottom of the chart (example period label in multi-tier bar charts).

stacked_bar_2e772eae921be89e58ceaa637372403a (1)

Change label position

You can move labels and titles around with your mouse and you can plot a label on two rows by inserting a "< BR >" tag.

Legends inside bars and columns

You can also use the widget to change the position of the labels (on the right instead of on the left, or inside the bars instead of on top). Labels that do not fit, will not be displayed or will be truncated.