Today I saw a rat 🐀. I beg your pardon, today I saw a 3D pie chart.

I thought the 3D pie chart had gone the way of the dodo, exterminated into oblivion by a flood of posts, articles, books that have long disproven its claim to coolness.

No. The 3D pie char was there, fierily looking at me with its little green slices 🍕.

It made me think of the rat 🐀 I once saw in the New York 🗽 city metro 🚇.

It was not supposed to be there. But the little creature 🐀 made me understand that it belonged there more than I did.

I read somewhere that there are more rats in NYC than one might wildly guess. Rats will still be roaming NYC in a million years when humans will be long gone.

This particular rat 🐀, pardon, 3D pie chart, was not staring at me in a dark alley of the NYC metro, where one would more or less expect it.

It was staring at me from the glittering lobby of the Plaza hotel 🏨.

Let me explain.

I did not find the 3D pie chart in question in some unlikely paper brochure I routinely find in my mail box 📬.

It was, square at the center, in the LinkedIn post of, a startup that has developed a very cool powerpoint add-in for consulting firms.

Their target are the top management consulting firms in the world. Those same firms that (supposedly) would never, ever, use a 3D pie chart in one of their slides!

But the 3D pie chart rat 🐀 had made it into the lobby.

This made me realize two things: (i) there are way more 3D pie charts (and similar charting no-nos) in the corporate reporting world than one might wildly guess and (ii) 3D pie charts will still be there someone will have finally managed to automate & AI-away human bias from business data interpretation.

A side note.

Not all business intelligence rats 🐀 are necessarily evil 👿. Some actually make really good chefs, like Remy in the Ratatouille film.

My best example is Hans Rosling’s motion chart. The motion chart is generally confusing, IBCS does not like it, but when it does work, it is fantastic.

You can run a motion chart in seconds in the app.

To close, we need to act fast.

Even if you are not aware of it, in this very moment, lots of little 3D pie charts are lurking in your reports & dashboards, nibbling away at your company’s data clarity.

Every new hire, every consultant (except if IBCS certified 😉), represents new risk of contagion.

The IBCS standard is the only rodent control technique that works. Everything else will fail you.


Adopt IBCS before it is too late. 🙂