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The chart shows the distribution of price over the t0 and t1 periods.

For reasons of performance, the dataset can be sampled down if it is larger that a set number of rows.

The sampling is required to preserve performance and brings all dataset down to a set number of rows. If your dataset is very large, this could limit the significance of the distribution plots.


To preserve performance, only one dimension will be plotted at a time. You can choose which dimension to plot with this widget.


In accordance to the IBCS standard notation the most recent data, measured, Actual data is plotted dark grew while the previous data, or the Plan data is plotted light grey.


The plot is run at the total plotted data level.

newplot (29)

A plot is also run for each dimension.

newplot (30)

By clicking on a legend value you can highlight that value on the charts.

newplot (31)


To save the plot as a PNG file, hover and click on the small camera icon on the top left side of the chart.image-20210421150249877


Open the expander under the 📊 Plot type drop down menu by clicking on the ➕ sign.

Additional options are available for selection.


You can change the number of top items, and you can choose not to plot the value of the other aggregated items.

Choose whether to exclude outliers from the plot. If this widget is set to True, another widget will appear to choose beyond how many standard deviations a data point will be considered an outlier.