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Below an example of an output report...


...and of the drilldown report of the first row (complication = "Smart Watch") of that report.


The drilldown report of a given row can help better understand "what is behind" this result row. In this case, Smart Watch sales did particularly well in Steel-Gold and in Bronze Material.

Default all result drilldown

By default, the app will try to generate a drilldown report of each of the five result rows.


It might take time for the app to process all result row drilldowns. Set the "Drilldown all results" widget to False if you do not want to see drilldown reports or you want to choose which report rows to drilldown.


If the app cannot return the drilldown detail of a given row it will display a warning message.


In this case for example given the following report...

image-20210906125951399 is not possible to generate a drilldown report of row five, since that result is already fully detailed on all the three dimensions.

Drilldown report

The drilldown report will breakdown a given report row result into a set of sub-components. In this example, the second result above (brand="Ward"), totaling -4.49M, is broken down in four elements.


Drilldown parameters

Open the expander below the "drilldown row" widget of each report row result to fine-tune the drilldown parameters.


For instance, if you do not find the drilldown report above useful, you can try returning an alternative result...


...and you will get a different, alternative but consistent (same -4.49M total), drilldown result.

For example, with three result rows instead of four.


If you do not find this new drilldown detail useful, you can try returning another alternative report...


...that, in this example, provide details of Channel and Customer and still totals (in this case after a -129 balance) to -4.49M.


Moving drilldown result to main report

A "select drilldown rows to move to main report" widget will appear to the right of each drilldown widget.


This allows you to move a result of your drilldown report back into (a modified version) of your main report.

For instance, this is your main report...


...and this is the drilldown report of the first row.


You want to detail your first "material = steel-gold", 6.55M, result row by replacing this row result with - say - the first three rows of the drilldown. Select those three rows (with values of 5.29M, - 2.49M, 2.38M respectively) in the widget and hit submit.


You get a new report. The first 6.55M row has indeed been substituted with the three (5.29M, - 2.49M, 2.38M) results from the drilldown report. The results below might have changed since the sum of these three rows is different from the sum of the original first result.


If you decide to replace the first result row with all 5 of its drilldown components...


..the results below the inserted rows will better - but not necessarily fully - correspond with the original output.