Force a choice


Uber does not "compare" with a taxi.

You choose Uber or you do not: when you call a Uber you are not "comparing" it with a taxi. Same with Airbnb (does not "compare" with a hotel), and Easyjet (does not "compare" - for good and bad - with a traditional airline).

How does 'Mparanza "compare" with using Excel for your sales presentation? Or with using Tableau for your sales dashboard?

It does not compare.

It is a different choice. You can compare using Excel vs using Thinkcell, or using PowerBi vs using Tableau.

But you cannot "compare" these (amazing) tools to 'Mparanza. You can only decide to choose it (or not).

'Mparanza is a different animal and it will thrive (or fail) on this hill.

Force a choice, not a comparison.