Do not cram too many charts and too much info in a slide. Use large fonts. Otherwise you will confuse your audience.

Bah no.

I understand this is the accepted wisdom. I understand that this is what we were taught. I understand we were repeatedly told to make the message as simple as possible so it could be understood "even by a distracted CEO".

As long as the charts you show in the same page are relevant and integral to a story, it actually helps to have them on the same page.

People, even CEOs, are accustomed to seeing many plots side by side.

In dashboards for example. If many plots on the same canvas is bad, why are multi plot dashboards so popular?

Having lots of info on the same page - again, as long as it is presented properly and the info is relevant - actually can make it easier to extract and share insights. You do not need to go back to the chart on page 15.

We owe also this "data density is good" idea to IBCS. The app is built to support it.

The plot above - 21 charts, 240 data points if I have counted correctly - tells you very much, in very little time, about what the company does (basically sells bikes), about what is going well (USA market) and about what is not going well (Road-250 model).

Trying to show the 21 charts in 21 separate slides is a no go. It would cause untold suffering to your audience.

In fact, counter intuitively, having the 21 charts together lets your audience connect the dots - what color did you say the Road 250 is?

It might not be everybody's cup of tee, but ignore it at your peril. 😀