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Bar mekko

The area bar plot (also often called bar mekko) is a variable width bar chart. A area bar chart is an alternative to a bar chart, for instance to show product profitability, with gross margin as the bar height and sales as the bar width.



The plot is run twice once for each period.


Open the expander under the ­čôŐ Plot type drop down menu by clicking on the Ô׼ sign.

You can choose the dimension you want to plot, and which metrics to plot on the X and on the Y axes as long as the multiplication of these metrics return a thing meaningful metric.

By default the items are sorted by bar length.

You can also sort the chart by bar width.


Negative values on the Y axis will be plotted.

Since negative values on the vertical axis cannot be plotted in a mekko plot, the negative values will be dropped and an error message will be shown.